this blog is literally about everything and anything i can get my hands a hold of.
Mostly anime stuff and band stuff.
prepare for spoilers ;)
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if u dont appreciate the hard work that goes into a full anime, then ur lack of appreciating art is VERYYY low

I was doing the sound effects in my head while watching this

Is this a digital animation of a recording of a manual animation?
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Sometimes I think that if I was skinny more people would find me attractive, but then again… I love food. I’ll just be a lonely cat lady when I’m older :’)

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My new drawing of Senji from Deadman Wonderland.

You are alone, child. 
There is only darkness for you, and only death for your people. 
These ancients are just the beginning. 
I will command a great and terrible army, and we will sail to a billion worlds. 
We will sail until every light has been extinguished. 
You are strong, child, but I am beyond strength. 
I am the end, and I have come for you, Finn.
- The Linch
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When you see your best friend talking with someone you hate.
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My dad forced me to take this picture of him drinking Starbucks and giving me a peace sign because he wants to be tumblr famous please reblog this so he feels cool

congrats dad u did it
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